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Panic Bar

A panic bar or crash bar is a specialty door opening device, used during emergency situations. These spring latch devices can be kept locked (from the outside only) in many different ways, while always providing a quick exit  at a moments notice.

Push Bars

Push bars are also available. This  opening mechanism can be locked from the outside as well as the inside. Push bars provide a  hands free exit. Which is great when your hands are full with product for your restaurant or warehouse.

Alarmed Panic Bars

Panic bars with integrated alarm systems allow for a safe emergency exit, while prohibiting theft and unauthorized use.

Information on federal Panic bar code

NFPA 101 requires panic hardware for Assembly, Educational, Day Care, and High Hazard occupancies that have a certain occupant load. Under chapter 6 in Business occupancy classification, includes college and university instructional buildings, classrooms under 50 persons, and instructional laboratories.

Panic bar exit spec requirments:

29 CFR 1910.36 - Design and construction requirements for exit routes.

 d) An exit door must be unlocked.

(1) Employees must be able to open an exit route door from the inside at all times without keys, tools, or special knowledge. A device such as a panic bar that locks only from the outside is permitted on exit discharge doors.

 (2) Exit route doors must be free of any device or alarm that could restrict emergency use of the exit route if the device or alarm fails.

 (3) An exit route door may be locked from the inside only in mental, penal, or correctional facilities and then only if supervisory personnel are continuously on duty and the employer has a plan to remove occupants from the facility during an emergency.